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Douglas Bainbridge
On 28/02/16 05:28, Darryl Fallow wrote:

> Doug:   In a recent message on the Gramps user forum you mentioned:
>> The revised version of Enclosed By and Enclosing gramplets
>> is really very nice now - many thanks, Nick! - and
>> incidentally cures some other minor problems I was having
>> with the display.
> What is the name of the “Enclosed by and Enclosing” gramplets.   I do not seem to have this (or maybe  I do not recognise it for what it is).   I have downloaded most recent gramplets un Preferences.   Is any special action necessary to import these into Gramps - or do they come across automatically into the gramplet dropdown under “Add a gramplet”.
> I really need to sort my Places out.   I have numerous duplications and need to try and standardise things if I can.
> Grateful any advice you may have.
> Kind regards
> Darryl.

Darryl, sorry for the delay in responding - I've been
without phone or internet for the last week and totally
incommunicado :-(

If you read the thread you'll see that the gramplets are in
the latest version of gramps42 available via git (you may
need advice about using git).
The gramplets will replace the original 'Locations'
gramplet. Then it's just a case of adding the gramplets with
a right-click as usual.



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