Relationship Graph missing marriage dates

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Relationship Graph missing marriage dates

When I do a Relationship Graph, some of the marriage dates are missing. It looks like it is mostly couples with no offspring. I have tried to compare the entries for those that are showing with those that aren't but I can't seem to find any obvious difference.

Is there some criteria I can look for that will ensure that these dates are included? I tried rebuilding some info (can't remember the exact commands, I'm not on my PC running Gramps at present) but this had no effect.

The tree itself was created on at least three different systems the latest of which is Gramps, but dates that I have added on Gramps itself are also missing, and it doesn't appear to be related to the history of the database. I found something about the date having to be attached to the Family and not just the individuals, but I have tried it with attached to the family, attached to the individuals and both and nothing seems to change.