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Way back in June 2017 I wrote regarding a report for Gramps, relating
everyone in the database to the Home person.  At the time I was referred
to the Kinship Report, which I found to be excellent but it did not
present the information in the form I was used to from the genealogy
program I used prior to coming to Gramps.  That program was Family

My question resulted in Jerome  coming up with a report for me to try. It
was accessed from Tools-Analysis and Exploration - Display relationships
and distance from home person. It has worked well and all that was
required was for me to install the appropriate files when I upgraded

The only modifications I make before sending a file to a relation are

(a) Rename Column G as Generation

(b) Delete Columns A,D, E, F.

(c) Rearrange Columns (Cut-Paste) so that order is Name, Relation,
Generation, Period

(d) Sort on Column A (now Name) so that list appears in Alphabetical Order

The end result of my modifications is shown at

Thank you Jerome for taking the time to produce this add-on.  You've made
this geratric's life much easier. After 8 months of using the report
without any problems, I request it be included as an add-on in future
downloads of Gramps.


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