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Reports with reliability information

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I'm using Gramps for my family tree, as so many of you do.

As I have mixed reliability (saved in citation), which I would like to
highlight when generating reports (I esp. like the family lines report).
What I would love to have is sth. like this:

Reliable Information -> bold
Unreliable Information -> normal

I would like to have this information in texts (event dates and
locations) as well as in the connections (parent -> marriage -> child

If not in this way, any other way is okay for me. But I need that
information printed... Another solution, which would be okay for me, is
to show only people, events and relationships that have citations with
high reliability.

Can anyone help me? Is there a way to do so, which i missed. I already
tried to look at the python sources but find it quite hard to extend. Is
there a documentation on how to get the citation's reliability from a
given event object? It would be possible for me to learn (more) python
if needed.