Second call: seeking bug manager

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Second call: seeking bug manager

Alex Roitman
This is the second call for help with managing bug reports.

Our users have multiple ways to submit bugs. This includes direct emails
to developers, emails to gramps-bugs, and the tracker at Sourceforge.
We would like to find an individual who would be willing to help us keep
everything orgainized. Ultimately, we'd like all the data in the bug
tracker system.

The bug manager would be subscribed to the gramps-bugs mailing list,
and transfer reports into the bug tracker. Also, (s)he will transfer the
bugs that developers receive personally, to the bug tracker. This would
allow the developers and the sumbitters to keep track of bugs. Hopefully,
this person would be able to filter out redundant bugs, and maybe even
handle some of the basic issues h{im,er}self.

Being bug manager would not require *ANY* coding experience, and would
be a good way for non-programmers to help out with the project. If the
'bug manager' does not sound good to you, you may select an alternative
name, such as 'insect administrator', 'germ boss', 'bettle chief',
or even 'ladybug' (sorry, ladies only).

If you're interested, reply to the list or personally to Don, Martin,
or myself. This would be a HUGE help for the development team, as much
effort is currently spent on figuring out what's fixed and what's not.


Alexander Roitman

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