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> I suppose that the search field might be used with some
 "search keys". Maybe the active column (e.g. sorting)
 might be the sort key too! With a default search key per
 selector. OK, too ambitious.

Sorry, maybe the active column might be the search key,
not the sort one, even this could be the same once active.

Anyway, maybe a minor improvement too: to be able
to sort by letter and by numerical? For now (e.g., on Volume/Page
child row), in source/citation selector, we can get a sequence like :
[0, 1, 10, 12, 15, 4, 45, 6, 75, 8, etc ...]
Ordering seems to return an unexpected numbers sort sequence

I suppose that there is already a function for that because
dates can be sorted as expected. I suppose there is a simple
way for numbers comparison, but I do not find clear samples

I saw an attribute like that (e.g., sort_by key via GtkBuilder),
but I can't remember which widget. I suppose there is a way for that
via python and this can be set on some specific columns.


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