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Sources in Detailed Ancestor/Descendant Report

Stefan Björk
I would like to suggest an optional enhancement of the sources handling
in the Detailed Ancestor Report.

Currently, all sources are gathered at the end of the report. Events
that have sources have a footnote mark attached to them, but source
references attached to persons or families is only included at the
reference list at the end. Further, page numbers and such is simply
ignored by the report.

I suggest that the source references should be handled much like the
Narrative Web Site, that is, the source reference list follow each
person, much like the child lists. Page references are included.
Depending on available information for the source, it could look
something like:

  1. Author. Title (page). Publication information.
  2. Title (page). Publication information.
  3. Title. Publication information.
  4. Author. Title.
  5. ... (I think you get the picture)

(I put page references in parenthesis. Along with page numbers, this
could also be a fiche number, web address or anything else that people
put in this field.)

(If I did not have a 13 months old son that just have experienced the
joy of walking and standing up in bed all night, I might have considered
hacking into the source code myself, but I think I have enough with

  -- Stefan

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