Statistics Chart Report - a doubt, 3 requests and a translation problem

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Statistics Chart Report - a doubt, 3 requests and a translation problem


I've just discovered the statistics chart, which seems great for my needs.
However, I've got some questions and I was hoping someone could help.

*1. a doubt*

In the 'reports option' tab, the Gender options mention 'both (default)',
'men' and women'. How about when the gender is unknown? Will it be ignored
in the statistics?

*2. a request*

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to make requests, but if it isn't,
just let me know where I should do that.

*1.* In the 'reports option' tab, the Filter options doesn't have the 'any
custom made filter' which exists in other reports. Is there any way this
could be added?

*2.* In the 'charts 2' tab, the surname statistics include prefixes. Is
there anyway these could be opted out of the statistics? I tried to choose
the name format using Rawsurnames, but the statistics still include the

*3.* Portuguese forenames can include connectors (something equivalent to
'Mary of Jesus'). Since the statistics count each word, I end up having a
lot of 'de' in the statistics, when they're really not important to count.
Is there anyway one could have the report ignore these words?

*3. a translation problem*
I've got the Gramps software in European Portuguese. Everything in this
report shows up properly translated, except one portion of the title:
'persons born 1700-2018'. Is there any way to fix this?

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