Thanks prculley & Sam888 for the Bug Fix

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Thanks prculley & Sam888 for the Bug Fix

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I just wanted to say 'Thank you' publicly for resolving the multiple surname commit issue in the version 5 beta!  And the correction to the overlapping entry field sizes and Prefix identical font&background color is also appreciated.

These changes reduce my "tinker's damn" data entry quotient significantly!

thanks again,
Brian McCullough

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 5:28:27 PM CDT, Mantis Bug Tracker <[hidden email]> wrote:
Re: [Gramps 0009202]: OK on Adding multiple surname doesn't commit

The following issue has been RESOLVED.
Reported By:                BAMaustin
Assigned To:                prculley
Project:                    Gramps
Issue ID:                  9202
Category:                  GUI - interface
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                  minor
Priority:                  normal
Status:                    resolved
Resolution:                fixed
Fixed in Version:         
Date Submitted:            2016-01-24 13:13 AEDT
Last Modified:              2018-05-09 08:27 AEST
Summary:                    OK on Adding multiple surname doesn't commit
When adding multiple surnames, pressing the OK button does not commit an added
name if the 'enter' has not been pressed first.

Steps to Reproduce:
Open Gramps
Click the New button to create a new Family Tree
Load the newly created tree to open
select the People item from the Navigator bar
Click the Plus icon from the toolbar to "add a new person"
Type Smith in the surname field
Click the Plus button to the right of the Origin field
Click the Surname field and type Smythe (do NOT press the Enter key)
Click The OK button

The Smythe entry is not committed to the database as an OK would normally do.
Without the extra Enter keystroke, OK instead behaves as though the Cancel
button was clicked.

(While you're experimenting, click on the various fields of the Multiple
Surnames table. On my system, the Prefix & Connector field highlighting
overwrites part of the Surname field. Also the Prefix font color is white on a
white background during entry)

Additional Information:
The behavior is a bit odd during the Open process too.

A new Filename "Family Tree 1" is created in the Family Tree name list grid
rather than a separate entry field.  And the default name text selected while
the 'Load Family Tree' button is dimmed. Also the Load Family Tree button
performs like a more familiar 'Open' button.

Then, to open by mouse, you have to click out of the Family Tree name column
onto the Last Accessed column before a double-click on the name will open the
file. Or double-click the last Accessed field.

From the keyboard, you would have to press Enter twice. The first time to accept
the default name & undim the Load Family Tree button. The 2nd Enter actually
performs a Load even though no button is highlighted to indicate that it will be
the action.
Relationships      ID      Summary
related to          0009075 Saving/closing new person window with A...
related to          0009868 Name Editor looses surnames

(0046379) SNoiraud (developer) - 30-Jan-2016 20:08
I think this is perhaps related to 9075 too.

(0053882) Sam888 (administrator) - 17-Feb-2018 12:50

As for the other feedback you mention, can they be added as new issues please?

Issue History
Date Modified    Username      Field                    Change             
24-Jan-2016 13:13BAMaustin      New Issue                                   
30-Jan-2016 08:48Sam888        Status                  new => acknowledged
30-Jan-2016 20:08SNoiraud      Note Added: 0046379                         
30-Jan-2016 20:08SNoiraud      Relationship added      related to 0009075 
17-Feb-2018 12:46Sam888        Relationship added      related to 0009868 
17-Feb-2018 12:49Sam888        Status                  acknowledged =>
17-Feb-2018 12:50Sam888        Note Added: 0053882                         
09-May-2018 08:27Sam888        Assigned To              => prculley       
09-May-2018 08:27Sam888        Status                  confirmed => resolved
09-May-2018 08:27Sam888        Resolution              open => fixed     

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