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Tweaks to the wiki

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We're doing some tweaks to the wiki links... in particular, trying to make getting to the user manual more intuitive & with fewer mouse clicks.

So feedback would be appreciated.

Please let us know if: 
 1) you find a place where going to the updating/translating status was the intended action but the link now goes to the User Manual table of contents.
 2) there are other spots you find navigating the wiki to be difficult

The prevalent doctrine is that is a person can't find information WHEN they need it, it is the same as if it doesn't exist. (That's why the 'Help' buttons are so important in Gramps. They jump to the right spot in the manual with context to the feature in use NOW.) The hope is to continue to improve ease of access... particularly for the parts of the wiki that are not connected to a Help button. 


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