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Useful bug tracker markup

Nick Hall

The GitHub source integration allows some new markup in Mantis notes.

Link to a commit:

     c:<repo>:<commit hash>:

Link to a diff:

     d:<repo>:<commit hash>:

Link to a pull request:

     p:<repo>:<pull request>:

     where <repo> can only be "gramps" at the moment.

For example:


would create a link to PR 123.

There is also some useful markup in the core product.

Mention a user:


Link to a bug report:


Link to a note:


(you can find the note number at the side of each note)

In addition to the above, Mantis supports some simple html such as:

     <i> = italics
     <b> = bold
     <u> = underline

If you are quoting output or code containing pango tags then you will
need to enclose it in one of the following:

     <pre> = pre-formatted text
     <code> = code block

I hope you found this a helpful reminder.



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