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genealogy directory structure

Duncan Lithgow
This is a little bit off topic, but then again not really. I've been
thinking of the best way to irganise my genealogy resources on the pc.
Here's the structure I have so far:

+ images
 |   |--huge scanned file.original
+ texts
 |--The history of the fowlers.original text
 |--+ guides
 |   |--genealogy tips.document
 |   |--+ notes
 |   |   |--notes on family lithgow.document
+ database
 |-- lithgow-schmidt.grdb
 |-- + gramps-images
      |-- suitable for report.image

I was wondering how other people do this, with this i can take the
'database' directory with me to work on another place.

Love to hear how you keep yours organised.


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