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Paul Franklin-5
On 9/15/16, Paul Culley <[hidden email]> wrote:
> apparently been there for a very long time, since at least 2012.  Our
> Github commit history does not go any farther back than that; it may be
> possible to figure this out on Sourceforge, but I did not take the time to
> try that out, since I have never used Sourceforge.

I don't claim to be a github expert (so perhaps somebody
who knows more will say more).

Also, I am not sure we have a repo on SourceForge anymore.
The one time I looked (months ago) I had no success.

However, I believe github does have the complete gramps
commit history.  (As well as you personal copy of that repo
also, of course.)  I just find it incredibly hard to access.

Because it's such a pain I've only done it a few times, so
this is from memory and may well be wrong, but the basic
method is to access the github History for some module
and then follow it back as far as you can, find the earliest
commit by looking at the comments on the left.  Then go
to that commit, the earliest one (by clicking on its commit
SHA number).  That diff will have some icon (I forget where)
saying something about viewing the "complete file" at that
point.  So do that.  And then -- IIRC -- you then start looking
at the "parent" commit(s) of that one, to find the previous
version of the module.

But I may be remembering wrong, remember.

Personally, I found the SourceForge HTML browser better
(and voted against the move to github).  Oh well.

Maybe your local git client does a better job.  I suppose
that's possible.  (I only use the basic command-line client.)


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