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read only access to an open database

Janusz S. Bień

I incidentally removed both my post

and Garry's comment

> Janusz, gramps must be closed to be able to run reports from the command
> line. Make your changes in gramps, close gramps, and then run the
> report.

which however is just a confirmation of what I already know or suspect
as I wrote

> I would like to run the script while changing the data base in
> Gramps. Do I undestand correctly that now it is not possible?

but it is not an answer to my question

> what should be done for this purpose?

i.e. run a (report generating) script while editing the data base in
Gramps to see almost immediately the effect of the changes in the

Perhaps I'm wrong (my experience with mysql is rudimentary) but a
(multiple) read-only access to a database seems to me a rather routine
task. I understand it requires changes in the Gramps code (as the script
has to run another instance of Gramps), but perhaps the changes would be

Best regards


Janusz S. Bien
emeryt (emeritus)

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